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    On Friday, August 1st we're turning Twitter black with a virtual oil spill, to ask LEGO to end its dirty deal with Shell.
  • Save The Arctic

    The Arctic is under threat. As the ice melts, giant companies like Shell are rushing in to exploit its resources. A new movement has emerged to protect it. LEGO is helping Shell clean up its image, bringing the threat of an oil spill in the Arctic closer to reality. We're creating a virtual oil spill to ask LEGO to end its dirty deal with Shell -- before it's too late.

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    [email protected] If you stand by values of positively impacting society & planet, dump Shell #SaveLego #SaveTheArctic

    August 27, 2014

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    WATCH: Children explain why the Arctic is worth saving. Please SHARE to make their voices heard!

    August 06, 2014

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